Building the Brain of Industry AI Revolution


We are a team focusing on Applied Artificial Intelligence. Starting with automated image recognition -- aims to exploring positive and impactful applications for machine learning and robot learning. We will initially focus on the manufacturing industry. We believe AI is only beneficial when it works to simplify the complexity of our daily work. It is this notion which inspires us to produce technology which is reliable, trustworthy, and easy to use. is a Shenzhen and Silicon Valley startup founded by researchers from Stanford University, UC Berkeley, Tencent, Google, Baidu, etc.


Visual Inspection

Through computer vision and machine learning, our technology can inspect the status of products, codes, scenes and bodies in today's manufacturing industry. We provide defect detection, face recognition, scene recognition, object recognition, text recognition and other application technologies.

Problem Identification

Based on data analysis techniques such as motion tracking and behaviour analysis, our technology can accurately and timely detect potential problems in manufacturing industry, realizing automated quality control and predictive maintenance, improving operational and management efficiency.

Calibration and Tuning

Our machine learning technology enables industrial equipments to automatically calibrate and tune complicated parameters, providing intelligent analysis capabilities for Manufacturing Execution System (MES), reducing labor costs of professional technicians, empowering traditional industries and increasing productivity.

Cloud Platforms

The deep learning platform provides high performance computing and automated batch training modules. The basic computing platform supports the mainstream deep learning framework and provides and supports the customization of models and algorithms. The training process of automatic machine training graphical machine learning reduces learning barriers in machine learning difficulties such as model selection, network design, and parameter optimization.


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